Wednesday, February 06, 2013

What, Exactly, Is The 'Respectful' Way An Auditor General Should Carry On?


The Dean of the legislative press gang, Vaughn Palmer, has a pretty good VSun column up on Auditor General John Doyle today.

In particular, Mr. Palmer makes it clear that Mr. Doyle has been repeatedly stonewalled by the government and its surrogates on a number of major matters that include...

1) The mess with legislative accounts and reimbursements

2) The six million dollar BC Rail pay-off

3) Providing free legal services to everyone concerned at the drop of a hat

4) Deferring billions of dollars from BC Hydro to so that the government and its surrogates can pretend that the massive overspends on things like the BC Place roof, the Convention Center, and the  Port Mann bridge didn't actually cost us billions.

Regarding Item #4, the AG also made a real fuss about wanting to see an actual plan about how the billions will actually be paid back, presumably before Ms. Clark's first grandchild sees his or her first Family Day.

Of course, the fact that Mr Doyle made such a fuss about things like that (ie. things that actually matter to British Columbians who are not government members and/or their surrogates) was really, really upsetting for lots of government members and their surrogates that should, apparently, be respected at all times, regardless their actions.

Government members like, say, Mr. Kevin Krueger whom Mr. Palmer quoted thusly:

"The guy (Doyle) is rude and arrogant and wrong sometimes, but he won't admit it. I don't think he carries on the respectful way an auditor general should."


Like our header says, inquiring minds sure would like to know...

What, exactly, according to the always respectful Mr. Krueger, is the 'respectful' way an Auditor General should 'carry on'?


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