Saturday, February 16, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)...The 'Smear 22' Strategy


This morning, Gary Mason's piece in The Globe described Adrian Dix's attempts to stay out of the muck and mire that Christy Clark, her party, and her surrogates are so enamoured with.

Soon thereafter, BC Liberal Party consultant Ms. Diamond Isinger took to the Twittmachine with the following comment:

As you might expect, Merv Adey did not allow this bizarre pretzel logic to go unchallenged:

Which led to something most interesting:


So, let me get this straight...

A BC Liberal Party consultant, her media profile rising because she has a blog that points out that unwarranted negative trash talking is bad,  is actually talking trash about Adrian Dix, not for something Mr. Dix has done but instead for something she thinks he might, perhaps, do in the future in response to all the trash talk that is being thrown at him by the likes of Ms. Isinger herself, Ms Clark (please see Mr. Mason's column for a very recent specific example), and, of course, the million dollar Surrogate Smear Machine called CC4BC.


That's some Smear, that negative 'sometime in the future' Smear 22.


Link to Twittmachine back and forth



North Van's Grumps said...

Has G Mason slipped up here?

".......the organization British Columbians for Christy Clark (BC4CC), plan to launch one of the most negative, nasty ad wars the province has ever seen." G Mason

Hmmmmmm Two gong shows? for the BC Liberals?

CC4BC Concerned Citizens 4 British Columbia

BC4CC British Columbians 4 Christy Clark

BC4CC only shows up on the Globe and Mail....

Tony Martinson said...

The best part of this insipid person's sneering little challenge is that the Libs will use anything that isn't the glowiest of compliments to our illustrious Preem as an example of the Dippers going "negative". It's bullshit, and they know it. But whenever have the Libs been loyal to anything resembling the truth?

Grant G said...

BC Liberals are creating many fake groups disguised as grass roots people, here`s another one, check the comment eh..

Anonymous said...

You know PIE is a front group because it claims to do EXACTLY the same work that PACs do.

PACs are non political, or at least as non political as a group like that can be.

PIE is trying to use a wedge to insinuate a religious rightwingnut narrative into education.

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, Ms. Isinger isn't even old enough to vote here in BC yet ... the Lieberals are getting so deperate that they are throwing children into battle - and why are supposedly real "journalists" quoting/promoting this high school kid's "insight"...

Warren White

RossK said...


You want accuracy?


I thought that was only available in the sports pages



An excellent point.

And, of course it is shite. But that does not matter to those who are doing nothing but chasing newscycles looking for 'profile'.


Because once today's cycle has passed they just move on to the next one tomorrow with a position that may be diametrically opposed to what they said yesterday.


Grant and Anon--

Point taken.

But.... Please understand that the person who started PIE, who also often utilizes pretzel logic on the Twittmachine, is not the same person who engaged Mr. Adey in the matter at hand.



Regardless, Ms Isinger has, according to her webpage, worked on a number of interesting 'campaigns' including the operation of Horse 1A in the last BC Liberal Party campaign, Mr. George Abbott, and, surprise!, the operation of the very, very fine grass-rootsier folks who brought us the 'Smart Tax Alliance'.


Scotty on Denman said...

Pretzel logic is right! But it doesn't need to make sense, it needs only to goad the NDP, with whom the BC Liberals cannot compete on merit, down to the shit-tank drain plug level where Christy has painted her party into a corner.

Isinger's argument is the one that's laughable: that negative comments about female politicians is a significant barrier to their advancement can hardly be substantiated by submitting that six of ten Canadian Premiers are women.

Same thing for Christy's pie-in-the-sky LNG trillions: it doesn't need to make sense; it only needs to provoke NDP response to an issue about which it contends with potentially vote-splitting Greens.

BC Liberals can't win a credibility contest so they try for the incredibility brown ribbon.