Thursday, February 21, 2013

Latenight With The Anti-Angry Old Guy...When The Levee (Finally?) Breaks.


As I mentioned in a footnote to an A-AOG post the other day, the summer I finished high school I skipped out on a Zeppelin show at the Kingdome in Seattle because 12 bucks was just too much to shell out to watch 4 guys on a stage a 150 yards away.


All this reunion tour stuff is starting to wurlitzer out of control.

And now music biz geek guy Alan Cross has done a little back-of-blog-post-napkin calculating to come up with a figure he reckons a full-blown nostalgia trip could, possibly, generate.

I have no idea if the number is anywhere near accurate.

But it is massive:

...A full-blown Led Zeppelin reunion tour really is the Holy Grail of concert promotion. Consider that more than 20 million people applied to buy the 16,000 available tickets for the 2007 reunion show in London. At an average face value of £125 (call it $200 CAD before inflation), that was a potential pool of $4 billion.


Okay, so it would take hundreds of concerts for Led Zep to play for 20 million people, so that number is unrealistic. Or is it?

Total gross would depend on ticket prices, the number of shows and the attendance at each show. Would Zep want to play arenas where they'd max out at 18,000 or so per gig? What about stadia? You could get 70,000 or more into sufficiently large places...

No matter how they choose to chop up the filthy lucre, though, I figure Aleister Crowley's ghost will be itching for its cut of Jimmy's share.


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