Monday, February 18, 2013

This Day In Snookland, Latenight Edition...Who Knew A Gutted And Gulled Fish...

...Could Be Used To Carry Water.

CKNW's Sean Leslie's first bit (notice beauty of a header):

Mr. Leslie's second bit:


Can someone please tell me how a consultant who is unilaterally hired by someone to do something expressly for them is 'independent'?


Don't get the reference to fish?....Well, have a look at our little proMedia Fishing
What's all this crown asset sale stuff  that we've been hearing all those whispers about Alfie?...Well, as we called it back when Mike 'Cookie Dough' de Jong first presented us with his bogus budget 'correction' in the late fall, we reckon the long delayed sale of the Little Mountain 'formerly affordable housing' lands will figure big in the mix.
And did Mr. O'Neill look at any of that asset sale stuff in any detail whatsoever?.....Of course not (see Table 1 on pg 15 of his superwide-margined report - here).


1 comment:

the salamander said...

Goodness gracious me ..

I have the feeling you're in need of a Royalties specialist or Royal Harper Federal advisor to tell you what condition your fatal condition is in ..

'mostly solid' ? .... Ulp !!

Sounds like you've got the Albertawa dil-bitchewan downward dog fatal attraction infarction ...

As your attorney.. I suggest going to The Supreme Court toute suite .. and remain calm for 10 years

Arthur Hamilton et al has a tremendous though pending track record in this arena of justice and never ending federal & provincial appeals

Consider reaching out to him ..
but hold your breath for maybe 20 years
regarding that hope ...

That may be the upside...

You wanna hear the downside ?