Monday, February 25, 2013

The Great Coast Guard Base Swindle (ctd)...Feds Finger Clark Gov't


The Feds came right out and said it today....

Katie Webb had the story in The Metro:

...DFO spokeswoman Erin Filliter clarified Monday that the DFO property referenced in the (leaked) memo (that caused all the kerfuffle late last week) is a vacant lot in West Vancouver, not the Coast Guard station.

She explained that while DFO owns the building, the (Kits Coast Guard base) land is owned by the province.

It has been leased to Transport Canada since 1964 under a land reserve agreement, which means the Coast Guard has been able to run its operations there for free.

Filliter said the ball is completely in the province’s court about what to do next with the site, and that the federal government will not gain any revenue from its closure...


But, as Ian Reid wondered on the Twittmachine....

How come we haven't seen that list of provincial 'crown' assets that are supposed to be sold off in the next year?

What's that you say?

The Wizards of Snooklandia are now on the record saying they want the base re-opened.

Sure thing.

But ask yourself this...

Why, exactly, did the Feds decide to close the base months early (with a provincial election looming)?



scotty on Denman said...

You guys seem to be in their slip-stream on this one, they can't shake you off.

Anonymous said...

There are a few non-profit marine rescue organizations in BC (ie: North Shore Lifeboat Society).

The intact Kits station should be turned over by the province to the Ministry of Justice's Emergency Management BC branch to house a new lifeboat society base.

Grant G said...

Nothing is ever as it seems.

Who gives a damn about the property, if it was sold, if the Feds made $100 million or the Province or who the hell ever..

The story was always about safety and saving fucking lives..

The narrative should never have departed away from that message..

It`s always money, politics is money, the media is money...

Lives will be lost and even if a sale was made, a coast guard station is needed in the heart of the beast.

Nothing, I repeat nothing is..

as it seems.

Good Day

RossK said...


Of course, it is possible that I'm way off base...

But, when there is no public consultation and constant evasion, well...


Thanks Anon--

Excellent suggestion. Have such organizations been consulted on the base closing at all?...Have they already suggested this to the Feds?...Has this come up in any media reports?


Fair comment Grant.


Grant G said...


Land sale, by the feds, the province, this issue wouldn`t have arisen if both levels of Governments weren`t selling assets.

Everyone was searching for a logical reason for closure, none exist, so people went searching for the cronyism reason.

We have a province threatening to sell near a $billion in un-named assets.

The issue is safety, or lack thereof.

Damn assholes