Tuesday, February 05, 2013

This Day In Snookland...What John Doyle Will Not Do.

Ya, but...

Does Mr. Doyle already have a copy of an 'agreement'?

Has anyone asked him that?



Anonymous said...

That's question #1...Doyle has expressed doubt that the info he does have would provide an audit that was up to his estimable standards.

Question #2 is..if he has it, will he tell us who signed off on it, given the political influence that may have on an election. We need to know, but it may not be his job to tell us. That has me worried. - Merv

scotty on Denman said...

My question now is: can the BC Rail Inquiry (let's just call it) subpoena this info?

RossK said...


Good point; hadn't thought of that.


I'm sure it could...And I'm sure the army of lawyerly type folks that we will be forced to hire would fight it tooth and nail.

But, hey!....On the bright side, imagine if, say, the fine folks who wrote that Fairness Advisor's report were forced to get up on the stand and defend their conclusion that none of the aggrieved parties/bidders were concerned about the process despite the fact that they (the fairness folks I mean) even actually talked to said aggrieved after said aggrieved started shouting bloody murder in the days just before the deal went down

(and that's only one of many, many things I would like to see)


Anonymous said...

What will be interesting is what the AG will put in his memoirs. After all one couldn't write this scenario as it has unfolded. The (non)liberals just keep screwing up everything they touch. When an ethical person is treated like @$%& they deserve to be exposed for the frauds they are. Not one of those 'party' folks even knows what the word "ethical" means.


Anonymous said...

Question, once the Liberals leave government, the new government can go after the party or individual correct, without the ability to use its role in "government" to stall investigation or inquiry? Correct?

If so, the liberal party, current and former members, ministers, etc, become more "exposed" and unable to run, hide, or deny anything. Correct?

Statutes of limitations do exist, but for major issues, some limitations can be waived, in extraordinary circumstances. Massive government cover ups, or perceived corruption, I believe, is one of those circumstances.

Just some idle thoughts...any idea's?

Grant G said...

Well, everything will work out, BC Liberals are feeling the heat over the Doyle departure..Doyle will be here auditing up a storm until October..Spring is one day closer..

And the BC Liberals are one day closer from exiting too..

And did you see this? ? ? ?..