Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Christy Clark's Latest Strategy...

...Say Anything.

Don't know if you caught it amidst all the other goings on in and around Lotusland proper, but Christy Clark sat down for an exclusive interview with the Globe and Mail recently.

You can read get the entire thing, verbatim, in Justine Hunter's piece, here.


You can get the short version, with my comments, below....


Question #1: Why didn't you call an early election after you became BC Liberal Party leader as you previously said you would?

CClark: Because the people of BC told me not to.

Comment: So, given that even the effervescent Ms. Clark can't talk to all British Columbians all the time, one can only assume that this is an admission that she reads polls.


Question #2: Has it been easy to unite the BC Liberal Party 'coalition'?

CClark: Caucus put the wounds of the leadership race aside.

Comment: Oh, really?....And just what, exactly is the Birdman up to these days anyway?


Question #3: What, in concrete terms, has changed since you became Premier?

CClark: We're #1 in everything...Just gaze across the Rockies and you'll see!

Comment: Uhhhh.... Actually, no.


Question #4:  Despite the millions you've spent on taxpayer-funded ads, the public still seems to want change. How come?

CClark: Security!...Critics!...The future!...May 14th!

Comment: Sorry....It's impossible, even snarkoleptically, to comment on delusional word-salad.


Question #5: How do you cope with public opinion polls?

CClark: Don't spend anytime thinking about them.

Comment: Hmmmm...Have you already forgotten how you answered question #1 two minutes ago?


Question #6: What happens after May 14th?

CClark: If I win it's unicorns and sparkle ponies for everyone! If I don't win everyone is doomed.

Comment: Sure thing Ms. Clark....But can you please explain, once again, why you shut down the sparkle pony-free 'Progress Board' again?....Oh, ya....We remember now.


Interestingly, a funny thing happened on the way to the press conference that Ms. Clark was supposed to give today....First, there was a question period wherein the people asking the questions were not about to take word-salad for an answer, especially given that they were in possession of this....Second, Ms. Clark, apparently, did not show up for said presser following said Question Period.

In the meantime, as Laila has discovered...It's Fake Blogger Mommies time!...Honestly, I can't figure out which is more offensive, this BC Liberal government, taxpayer-funded propaganda website with its warnings about what they might do with your 'data' if you post on the site, or Seth McFarlane on last weekend's Oscars...



Grant G said...

Hey Ross..

Just thinking, pink shirt day got blasted on Global/CTV over the foghorn outburst, and both stations reported about the ethnic vote thingy..

Is Kreuger that stupid to lose it on pink shirt day?(don`t answer)

And also today the "leak" about using public servants to woo and identify ethnic voters, the leak right out of the not-elected premier`s office.

Christy Clark`s big pink day got railroaded and became the not secondary story on the news but the distant third story..

Now don`t get me wrong, this evil corrupt bunch must go..

I just keep coming back to caucus dissent and the rightwing flank of the party that just doesn`t care for Crispy Clark.

Foghorn Leghorn could have emailed yesterday, or tomorrow...

The leak about identifying ethnic voters, and to use taxpayer dollar funded civil servants to do the leg-work could have been leaked yesterday or tomorrow too..

Methinks there are some BC public friendly ghosts within the Liberal party who are sabotaging Christy`s election..

And sabotaging for the right reasons, the Liberal party has gone badly astray.

And all that is good..

I`m just wondering WHO are the public`s friends within the party?


scotty on Denman said...

Q1: "The People" musta changed their mind 'cuz Christy's slide happened immediately she reneged on her early election promise (not because it proved her a liar--we're used to that with the BC Liberals--no, she joined the Campbellites at the bottom of the shit-tank because it appeared they coerced her into going for a by-election instead; in other words, the disgraced Campbellites were obviously still in control)

Q2: It was easy to unite the BC Liberal party because they were already unanimously united (if you discount hapless Harry Bloy, which everybody, including Christy, eventually did.) It's just that Christy never was included in that unity, even after she won the leadership (by a whisker...and there was no love in the tepid applause)

Q3: in a number of card games there's a default bid position called "low", where the lowest hand wins. In BC it means, unfortunately more than allegorically, being number one in child-poverty is a winner

Q4: but for the aptness of "delusional word-salad", "snarkoleptically" might have been inappropriately diagnosed as "narcolepsy"

Q5: at least half the polls are for bitches just like half of pithy pundits are Churchills

Q6: Many people have been bitten trying to mount a pony; it is unclear by what is meant by "more than once." Aren't "Range Eggs" supposed to be free?

Anonymous said...

Say Anything
Do Anything
Pay Anything

BC Liberals planned to use gov't resources to win ethnic votes
Andrew Mcleod & Robin Smith, The Tyee

The British Columbia New Democratic Party today released a leaked BC Liberal plan to use government resources to win over ethnic voters.

"It's taking the public service and politicizing them," said John Horgan, the NDP house leader. "What we object to, and I think British Columbians would object to, is their tax dollars being used to prop up the BC Liberal election machinery."

The 17-page document is a "Multicultural Strategic Outreach Plan" aimed at co-ordinating party, caucus and government resources to "re-engage with ethnic voters and media." It includes plans to work on a media strategy, build a database of contacts and find "quick wins" such as apologizing for past injustices.

Kim Haakstad, Premier Christy Clark's deputy chief of staff, sent the plan by email on Jan. 25, 2012, to people in the premier's office, government caucus and BC Liberal party. Among the eight recipients were Pamela Martin, Brian Bonney, Lorne Mayencourt and Fiera Lo.

"We see Liberal operatives who have been directing public servants to send lists, names, people, organizations to the BC Liberal party," said Horgan. "That's clearly across the line. It's not the caucus talking to the party, it's government employees talking to the party."