Thursday, February 28, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)...How Many More Times?



Here's the real thing that Fazhil Milhar missed earlier today.

The multicult-memo exhorting government staffers to do the party's hackwork is not the first example of this happening in 2013.

Or the second.

Instead, it is the third.

Andrew MacLeod lays that all out in The Tyee:

...This is the third time in recent months the Liberals have been caught using government resources for partisan purposes. Previous examples included work by legislative staff on a BC Liberal website attacking NDP leader Adrian Dix and a plan to maximize political gain by rebuilding the Burnaby Hospital...

Of course, this is the time on Sprockets....errrrrr....Snooklandia when we dance!.....And/or hum along to Zeppelin....



Anonymous said...

Who is John Dyble?

Sean Holman tells us: "Premier-designate Christy Clark's pick to be the new head of the provincial public service has a long-standing association with second-place Liberal leadership candidate Kevin Falcon. John Dyble was named deputy transportation minister in June 2005, back when Mr. Falcon was responsible for that department. Then, four years later, Mr. Dyble became the province's top health services bureaucrat when Mr. Falcon was put in charge of that ministry."

Anonymous said...

The liberal logo?
'Joe Btfsplk'
(check out Google - Graphic wouldn't post)