Friday, February 22, 2013

This Day In Harperland...The Great Coast Guard Base Swindle?


The other day Chris Montgomery (see comments), e.a.f. (a reader), and I hazarded a guess about what we thought might really be behind the closing of the Kits Coast Guard station.

Essentially, we speculated that the land and surrounding environs might be sold off for a condo-jacking.

I am sad to find out that we may have been at least partially right.

Jaz Johal and Peter Meizner of Global have the story. Here's there lede (but I suggest you read it all for the fullest context - because it looks like more land might go):

obal News has obtained an internal federal government email surrounding the sale of three properties in Metro Vancouver.

Some believe one of these properties could be the Kits Coast Guard base.

The e-mail mentions “the First Nations equity proposal for the Jericho Beach, DFO, and RCMP site.”...

I'll have more to say about this later.

And here I thought I was going to have an 'Angry Old Guy-Free' (TM) weekend.


Thanks to Laila for the heads-up.



West End Bob said...

Thanks to you and Laila, RossK.

damn reformaTories at it again.

Hopefully this will lose them LOTS of votes in metro Vancouver in 2015, which can't come to soon . . . .

cfvua said...

They just can't help themselves can they?

Anonymous said...

Anybody talked with the First Nations yet?

e.a.f. said...

the government wanting to sell the Kits Coast Guard station was the only thing which made sense. Closing it certainly didn't. It wasn't a money situation because they were spending money on all sorts of other shit. So when in doubt, follow the money. that could only mean they wanted to sell the land and get the money. After the Mulroney years and reading "On the Take" selling the land to some one was the only thing which made sense.

So now people in B.C. can die so stevie slime can sell land to some one who wants to make a lot of money.

Of course we now know stevie slime wants to sell the Jericho lands and the Former RCMP e division headquarters. This is some of the most valuable land in Vancouver. government land, such as this, should never be sold. it will be needed by future generations. some one should tell stevie slime god isn't making any more land anywhere.

People may think the lower mainland can't grow but it will. Look at cities in Europe, Asia, India which are much older than ours and you can see how places such as London went from a villiage to what it is today.

we just saw 5 young men die on the east coast now we can look foward to seeing more die people die in the vancouver harbour. may stevie slime and the slimers all rot in hell.

Stevie slime has just wasted a lot of tax dollars on his dept of relgious affairs. Well, him being such a good christian and all might want to remember that little thing called the commandmants. One of them is, "though shalt not kill". By removing the Kits Coast Guard station stevie is setting up people to die. That's murder. I hope they do arrest him when people start dying because they couldn't be saved in time.

Oh wait just lets put stevie and his slimers in the water this week and let them wait for the Coast Guard to come from richmond to save them. Oh, we can give them life jackets so they won't drown. they can freeze to death first. If its good enough for the citizens of Vancouver, it should be good enough for the P.M. of canada.

Anonymous said...

They will need those life jackets the last time I looked in the toilet. I seen that shit won t float.