Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Great Coast Guard Base Swindle...The Dismantling.


Earlier today, based on a suggestion from a reader, we made a modest proposal for how we could have both safety and Fed dollar savings throughout Vancouver's inland waterways.


None of that matters now.

CKWX has the story:

...Construction crews were at work over the noon hour dismantling part of the now former Kitsilano Coast Guard station.

It might be a blow to those fighting to reopen the base.

A flatbed truck towed a piece of the station away before a chainlink fence gate surrounding the station was slammed shut.

News1130 reporter Dave White watched all of it under heavy security.

A ramp connecting the station building with the docks below has been removed, they’re now inaccessible to anyone. Signage has been taken down and the station looks ghostly.

A man who appeared to be a former worker carried office supplies out of the building, but wouldn’t speak as he left...


Can someone please explain how it's not all about the land now?

Thanks to spartikus for the heads-up.


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e.a.f. said...

Its not all about the land, its ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! Some one wanted the land so the base was closed and now it will go up for sale. we don't know who wants it but from what I have read it belongs to the feds. Then there was no, it doesn't belong to the feds it belongs to the province. Now we all know the province is going to fire sale all sorts of assets to "balance" the lieberal budget. So who wants the land? Any developer out there. Who will pay the most? Just go through you little list and see who is buying what. who owes some politician what? What really goes on at some of those meetings with corporations?

A large tower, hotel, with a marina for the yachts when people arrive. How lovely. Who cares who dies in the harbour. We only live here and pay the taxes. Boat owners might want to give this a thought when they go into vote.