Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Anti- 'Angry Old Man' Post...


In the interest of trying to tone down the 'all-poli-ranting-all-the-time' thing that has been going on around here recently, I've made a couple of culturish additions to the blog crawl.

One is the highly prolific post machine known as  'Open Culture' which offers up a rapid-fire melange of all that might be (and almost always is) interesting, media-wise, that can be found in the various corners the Interwebz. Today's post is all Iggy, all the time (when it is not Henry Rollins).

The other addition is the much more selective and literary (and for me, at least, almost always a must read) ouvre from 'Brain Pickings'...Today's post is a pretty detailed analysis of some of the writing in K. Cobain's assembled journals.

If Kurt Cobain were alive today he would be 46...Which means that damned kid genius would still be  younger than me.
And what's with all this Zeppelin reunion rumour stuff anyway...Little story...In 1977, the summer I finished high school, the guys I was in a garage band with decided to go and see Zeppelin at the recently opened Kingdome in Seattle...I turned them down because I refused to lay out 12 bucks to see four pins on a stage 150 yards away...12 bucks I tell you!...I'm pretty sure Cobain didn't make the trip from Aberdeen 'cause he was only 10 at the time...Then again...
Geez...I just realized that, while it wasn't too angry or rant-filled, I did just write another old-guy post...Sheesh.



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I skipped the Who supported by the Clash playing the same venue for the same reason. What a dum-dum. Sonja made the trip.

RossK said...

Dum-dums deluxe.

Watch the Iggy thing if you haven't already. You'll dig it.


Anonymous said...

Saw the Zep in the spring of '69; they were backing up Vanilla Fudge (yes, backing them up!)in a show at the PNE Forum.

$8 for a ticket, and I bitched, but paid and went

They played here again a few months later; their first album had hit BIG over the Vanilla Fudge was backing them up, and they were playing the Agrodome.

Tickets were $12, and I refused to pay such an exorbitant price!

Ahh, the Good Old Days!


RossK said...

Vanilla Fudge....

Isn't that Mr. de Jong's latest 12 dollar monicker?

Thanks Mike!


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Finally had time to watch the whole Iggy doc. this morning. Sweet God in Heaven. Nice to be reminded of Iggy in '86. Iggy and his band played the last show at the temporary Expo amphitheatre that year. G.E. Smith on guitar. Me, Sonja and her friend Siam digging every second of it from the back row. Iggy used to play here at least once a year. I never missed a show. Not even if it meant skipping a sawmill shift or two.