Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What If The Closing of Kit's Coast Guard Base Has Nothing To Do With The Ocean...

...And Everything To Do With The Land?

This is something that reader e.a.f. brought up in the comments to our last post.

And it was also discussed in more detail in the thread attached to Chris Montgomery's definitive

I mean, think about it....

Is there any available real estate on all of the Canuckistanian Westcoast that is worth more moola than that little chunk of beachfront property down at the end of Kits Point.

And if that little chunk of property were to be bundled with the old marina and the lands around the Burrard bridge, would the condo-jacking not be stratospheric?

And if somebody has to die so that a few well-connected folks can get filthy-lucre rich from such a mega-sized condo-jacking?'s not like governments aren't having asset sales hand-over-fist these days, right?



Anonymous said...

You mean? Like the priceless Real Estate, that went with Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR? We could probably throw in, the theft and sale of our BC rivers too.

To me it all fits in, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, Grand Larceny BC scam.

We could likely throw Harper into the mix too. Just ask Harper's, best buddy Campbell?

West End Bob said...

Sounds like e.a.f.'s got an excellent point, RossK . . . .