Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My (So-Called) Science Geek Life...


Mostly, I do the gardening in the lab these days. 

Which means I grow cells. 

It's a fiddly and mindless business at the same time.

At the moment we're getting pretty deep into a collaboration where we need a whole bunch of different cell lines to be on the go simultaneously.

The thing is, when we're not using them we freeze the cells in these big tanks of liquid nitrogen. 

And this afternoon I dug up a stock vial that was frozen back in 1999 by one of the first undergrads I trained in my lab.

The cells came up quite nicely from the freeze and were they were already down on the plate and starting to stick to each via their molecular velcro (the modulation of which is something we work on) when I left for home.

As for that kid who froze that vial of cells way back when?

Well... She's long gone,

But she is a lifer in the science geek business now.

Guess that's at least partially my fault.



Anonymous said...

Isn't teaching the greatest!!

RossK said...