Thursday, February 28, 2013

Breaking...This Day In Snookland....We Don't Need No Stinking Independent Review!


Ms. Christy Clark did not have the guts to show up and read her own statement in the British Columbia legislature this afternoon.

So....Using the magic of eyeball-to brain-to-finger-tapping technology...

Here, taken straight from the Twittmachine image feed of the V T-C's Rob Shaw, is the climb down on the Multicult-Memo from the (not)Premier that was delivered by Snooklandia's Minister of Everything, Mr. Rich Coleman:

"I have now had the opportunity to read the draft outreach domument and want to sincerely apologize to  British Columbians.

The document did not recognize there (sic) are lines that cannot be crossed in conducting this outreach and it is unacceptable. The language in this draft document and some of the recommendations are absolutely inappropriate.

As such, I am asking my deputy minister to conduct a review to ensure that no government resources were inappropriately used. When that report is complete, it will determine whether further actions may be taken.

Every community in British Columbia contributes to the rich diversity of our province and the very fabric of who we are. We need to embrace and respect that fact.

As a government, we have a responsibiity to reach out to every community to ensure they are engaged and understand the services that are available to them."

Now, leaving aside the fact that any investigating should be done by an independent party for the moment, I've just got to ask...

Is this this the part of the disaster movie where Fazil Milhar and the shillophants that walk among the Snooklandians make their big retraction?

If not, Ian Reid makes it very clear why the actual government (as opposed to BC Liberal Party) rules indicate that they should.

Regarding that independence thing...We do still have an actual Auditor General, right?
Finally, the (not)Premier admits to the wrongdoing and then promptly buys time with this limited hangout, open-ended internal review-type thingy???...Why??...Especially given that this line of wrongdoing has already been crossed recently by her staffers, isn't she disciplining those who perpetrated the latest wrongdoing right now, at this very minute?...Oh, ya, I forgot...some of them might know stuff.



paul said...

A New Democrat loyalist described the 2001 campaign door-knocking experience. If a resident didn't actually sic dogs on them, they counted the household as undecided, he said.
I wonder if the Liberals are entering that territory.
Leave aside ethical issues and misuse of taxpayer's money for a moment - just for a moment.
This is just stupidly incompetent. Christy Clark's craven response makes it worse.
So why should Liberals spend time and money in this election campaign

Red Faced Ex-Liberal said...

Christy you are so full of it that I am surprized your eyes aren t brown. You try to tell us that the NDP cannot be trusted, you and your party and friends are the worst government this province has ever had. Honesty is something you folks no nothing about. How many times do you tell the same lie, before you start believing your own lies. You will never form another government. I can t believe I voted for your party in the passed. I will be working as hard as possible to make sure that your party ends up the same place the socreds did. Cristy you will not even win your seat in the next election. The only MLA in your party that knows how to tell the truth is Blair Lekstrom. He is the only one that deserves to get re-elected. But I would be surprized if he will run in May , I think he is a little red faced over all the lies and cheating that has gone on the last ten years.

Anonymous said...

o/t - Appeals court ruling 'a disaster' for elected officials in small towns like Terrace - Josh Massey, Terrace Standard -

On January 13 the B.C. Court of Appeal overturned a ruling in the Schlenker v. Torgrimson Supreme Court case and decided it was in fact illegal according to the Community Charter for two elected officials on Salt Spring Island to have cast votes to provide money to non-profit organizations on which they sat as directors.

Conflict of interest is now considered pecuniary (in other words to involve money) even if the director of the non-profit is a volunteer who wouldn't directly benefit from the money provided.

“The effect of the court decision could mean that elected officials will no longer be able to participate in non-profit societies that rely on money from local government,” said a Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) February report.

UBCM Report -

BC Court of Appeals decision -

Community Charter -

Anonymous said...

How gullible and stupid does Clark think that the public are when she maintains that she has only now read the document.. Her closest advisory and friend kept her out of the loop for over a year is inconceivable. Yesterday she stated that her read on the memo was that it was merely establishing areas of responsibility. Today, in her politically motivated and cowardly apology, she states that lines have been crossed and it is completely unacceptable. And as far as the investigation goes, whats to investigate? The document is in the open, the author is known, names have been revealed , and the date when it was sent. What's left? Maybe just who to throw under the bus and time to create some spin.

persey said...

And what are the terms of the alleged review? " ensure that no government resources were inappropriately used."

Shouldn't that read something like, "to determine whether government resources were inappropriately used."?

Based on the mandate, this has the optics of a foregone conclusion.

Who's surprised?

Anonymous said...

“The effect of the court decision could mean that elected officials will no longer be able to participate in non-profit societies that rely on money from local government."

Boo hoo. What do elected officials think "conflict of interest" means?