Friday, February 22, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)...The Wizards Can't Even Buy A Smear Like This


Mike Smyth had a most interesting piece in The Province yesterday in which he called a Adrian Dix a 'weasel' because, as leader of the Opposition, he hasn't released his own budget yet.

Seriously (or laughably, depending on how you look at these things):

Adrian Dix, the man who would be premier, took a sledgehammer Wednesday to the Liberal government's newly balanced budget.

The NDP leader slammed the modest 2.6-per-cent increase in health-care spending, saying it won't meet public demand for services, so it's effectively a cut.

He attacked the $800-million "fire sale" of government assets, criticized the four-per-cent hike in MSP premiums and accused the government of tabling a "bogus budget" that's not really balanced at all.

So how would Dix do it differently if he wins the May election?

Let's run them down one at a time, shall we? But I'll warn you now: the guy is slipperier than a greased weasel...


This kind of codswallop would mean nothing.

Except, as a reader pointed out in the thread to the last post, it is already being wurlitzered all over the place, especially on the (notso)Giant 98.

Which means the releasing of the GhostTwitMonkeys and the cranking-up of a new set of smear-ads can't be far behind.

Think I'm being overly sensitive about all of this?

Well, maybe you're right.

Then again, unless I missed it, I'm pretty sure the folks over at Corus haven't had the VSun's Craig McInnes on to counter Mr. Smyth's baseless smear with this:


And one can only wonder about the howls of outrage from other Lotuslandian proMedia 'club' members that would very likely erupt if one of their own were to call the current (not)Premier, or had called the Premier before her,  'slipperier than a greased weasel'....Seriously (and I, for one, am not laughing)...
Oh, and speaking of the Twittmachine.... backed with.....This.



cfvua said...

Well, its obvious that Mr. Smyth or the chortlers on the twit box don't know where the weasel stands in the world. As a predator it rids the area of rodents and vermin that will spoil anything they come into contact with( something that would be more applicable to the current government). A weasel is a very clean, efficient animal that leaves no mess behind and is actually beneficial to have around. And a greased one would be able to do its job that much more effectively as it could access rodents that think that they could hide or hide something from view.
Might just be the animal we need to clean up our rat problem in BC.
Can we get a few of them working for us? Actually it might take about 60 to do a proper clean up.

Chris said...

The Liberals know that Dix has said he will release a platform during the campaign and that it will be fully costed. They know he isn't doing it before that.

So I guess they've decided to make some hay out of standing around now screaming "where's your budget?" Not a lot more grown up than screaming for your supper at 4 o'clock when you know it's being served at 5.

The sad part is that as they prod reporters with that line, they're getting traction with some of them.

I also think, in regard to Ms Isinger, it's kind of sad that Canada has been pushed so far in the direction of Fox News that there are real live women here who aspire to be Ann Coulter. That's scary.

Anonymous said...

The Times Colonist's Les Leyne is trying to jump on the NDP smearwagon too.

Leyne ends his slag with: And the new B.C. Liberal government of 2001 did exactly the same thing, inheriting a balanced budget, but finding a previously unknown “structural deficit.”

Except there was no structural deficit. Campbell & Co. tried for years to blame the NDP for all the BC Liberal's program cuts, but in the end not one accountant was willing to lay their post-nominals on the line for that lie. Not one!

Campbell introduced massive revenue declines with tax cuts for individuals and corporations as a tactic that was part of a larger 'starve-the-beast' strategy to cut programs and attack workers, but the NDP did NOT leave a "structural deficit" in their wake.