Sunday, February 10, 2013

This Day In Snookland...Coleman Country Moves To NorKor?


Yesterday, the folks over at The Globe's Lotusland division screwed up their courage and let Justine Hunter go.

Which led to stuff like this:

...A (Rich) Coleman nomination meeting could easily attract a crowd of 1,000 or more – an energetic launch the Liberals need as they try to demonstrate momentum heading into the campaign in April.

But there is another side to Mr. Coleman. Behind closed doors, he has a reputation as a bully. And as some Liberals grapple with the possibility of losing the next election, they are less afraid to take him on....

And there was more, much more.

All of which resulted in one of the most bizarre Tweetbacks I have ever seen....

At first I thought this must be from a parody site, but it appears to be coming straight from Big Rich's headquarters located in that secret bunker buried deep beneath the Langley Event Complex (which was great value for taxpayer money btw, right JB?).


Is it possible that the kids they reject for all those intern producer jobs at the not-so-Giant 98 these days are now running  Snooklandia's regional Shaman-Shops on long weekends?

Best thing of all about this?....Check out the responses to the edict from PyonLang's



Grant G said...

Will we be budget believers again?

By Keith Baldrey, Freelance February 6, 2013

"The B.C. Liberal government has hired an economic consultant to lend credence to its upcoming budget, but I'm not sure that's going to be enough to make British Columbians believers again.

Finance Minister Mike de Jong insists he will deliver a budget on Feb. 19 that is not only balanced but actually projects a surplus.

The budget, of course, is made up of anticipated revenues and projected spending costs."

Read more:

Indeed Ross K, not only balanced but a surplus, what was the number I mentioned?..$600 million surplus, well..

One other item, Michael Smyth has become so tiresome, he wrote an AGT copycat column about Adrian Dix`s notorious memo-gate, classic smear..

And as BC Hydro goes on life-support after Gordo and Coleman distorted BC Hydro`s role, after they gutted it, indebted it, locked BC Hydro into unsustainable long term debt, after a cabinet order foisted Smart meters upon the masses, no business case, no oversight, after $billions in deferral accounts see the light of day, after all that Michael Smyth is warning the voting public about possible NDP slutions, including rate increases..

Michael Smyth washes his hands of everything negative if not illegal these Liberals did to BC Hydro..Then he has the unmitigated gall to scare voters over what the NDP will do with the mess..

Between Vaughn Palmer playing the (NDP should be grateful we have excess electrical power available card) and Michael Smyth planting NDP rate-payer rape seeds, my gawd..

I always considered Michael Smyth a lazy journalist, poor research and bland execution, but lately Michael Smyth has produced low-hanging media fruit jam..

I can`t believe he actually gets paid to produce slop, poorly written slop at that.

Does he know no shame?

Scotty on Denman said...

Justine Hunter has to compensate for working at the G&M somehow. Her piece on Coleman seems out of place in the once respected rag. Hunter has skated dangerously close to the dark, brittle ice from time to time but still manages to appear more or less unbiased (wonder how many of her pieces have been shitcanned by G&M pro-BC Liberal editors?)

I guess we're starting to see a "bunker mentality" take hold on doomed BC Liberals, you know,"We're going to win..." kind of stuff.

There's a parallel phenomenon outside the bunker like people starting to disassociate, talk out-of- school and the biggest but most indiscernible, a definite tide change sweeping throughout the civil service, including, so I'm told, the unsung administrators and bureaucrats who've had to endure antisocial BC Liberal policy but now keep their heads down and await the election (meaning the bureaucracy is becoming unresponsive, maybe even uncooperative.) At some point soon things will be done or not done with impunity. You can probably smell the fear at the Public Affairs Bureau.

I hear there's a lot of IPP activity happening as they frantically hurry to complete or commit substantially to ruin-of-river infrastructure. Corners are being cut, workers are being injured in the rush which makes me think they're not all that confident their IPP licences are worth much on paper after their benefactors are gone.

Anonymous said...

Why does there seem to be a dome of silence on the who and the how of the smart meter procurement contract?

RossK said...


My bet is that, this time, they will not get away with the budget shenanigans.

I mean, even Mr. Baldrey, despite how much he would argue he doesn't, appears to be paying attention to the pushback from folks who really actually look at the publicly available documents and comment on them.



I agree that folks in the civil service outside the bunker(s) have started to talk...I've heard from a number of them offline (I think the series I did just before Christmas is a good example of that).

I really worry about all that rush to complete corner cutting...Not in the short-term, but more in the long-term if the quislings were to win again...I mean can you imagine how much damage they could do if they were unleashed to rush and cut corners in a frenzy for four more years.



Very good point.

We've discussed a bit of

And I plan to follow-up on the cost per meter issue.


Anonymous said...

rocktenn bc (NewWest)company -renegs on concession agreement due to legal language loophole-Each employee gave up 5 grand a year during rough patch concession on agreement of it returning at end of contract july 1 2012.union went to management who said forget it.currently looking for short contract with little paychange.

RossK said...


Can you send me an email at pacificgazette at yahoo dot the two letter extension for Canada (address also under the 'about me' thing on top left of blog page)