Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Budget Day In Snookland...How Much Are The Fantasy Asset Sales (Supposedly) Worth?



Some in the proMedia appear to be a little bamboozled about the real number

Because they are running around saying it's about half a billion (actually $475 million).

Which would be bad enough if that was the full extent of it.

Because it does not include the $330 million they say they're going to get for the previously announced sale of the perfectly good Liquor Distribution Warehouse and....

Wait for it (as predicted)....

Little Mountain.

Grand total....

$805 million.

Again...Assuming they can get anything near what they're saying they will.

And who, do you think, exactly, will get to buy all this stuff?

Haven't had time to actually read the budget doc yet...The numbers quoted above are buried within JFowlie's VSun piece....
Just heard Martyn Brown on Ceeb with Stephen Quinn (can't the latter do both the morning and afternoon shows?)..Gosh, Mr. Brown's memory on early Golden Era financial stuff was pretty impressive...Who knew?



Grant G said...

Hey Ross, you have been extra funny as of late, that Martyn Brown memory thingy was priceless..

You must be happy, personally I mean..

You maybe missed your calling..

A Mad Scientific Comedian!

MSP going up again.


RossK said...



You caught me...It's reading break this week so I get to spend most of my day in the lab...which means lots of hurry and up and wait...which, in turn, means time to check the feed and come up with all kinds of one-liners.

The MSP thing is really crappy.

I do, however, agree with taxing upper income bracket and corps more...That is actually a good thing because it means the Dippers won't have to do it next year (or, when they nudge both up a little more as they should they can shout down the usual suspects who are making nice today...and, yes, J. Finalyson, we're looking at you).

Real question...Does this send a flood of Con-types rushing back to the Curmudgeon?...Can't help but notice that Ms. Mills and friends are screaming bloody Twitter...