Monday, February 18, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)...Fiscal Fairness Advisor Gambit Not Hooking Many ProMedia Fish


Monday evening updates at bottom of post...

As we mentioned earlier today, Christy Clark and the Wizards of Snooklandia, like's Gord's Henchmen before them with BC Rail, brought in a hired-handed 'fiscal fairness advisor' to look at the books and try so that he could write a report that would convince us (and, more importantly the Lotuslandian proMedia) that everything's on the up-and-up with their numbers.


Via the Twittmachine, here is who has been hooked/not hooked so far...

VSun's J. Fowlie...Already in the boat.

Sun News' R. Zussman....Flopping around in bottom of boat.

MoCo's S. Smart....Hooked, but barb not yet set.

Globe's G. Mason...Barely sniffing the bait.

Globe's J. Hunter...Already headed for deeper, clearer water...

4:40pm Update...The Tyee's A. MacLeod just sprouted wings and became a flying fish that is buzzbombing the Wizards' boat.... 
7:00pm Double-Secret-Probation Update: CKNW 'News'  team swims as a school, straight into the gill net...Runs de Jong playing up the LNG rev projection 'correction' straight-up...Calls O'Neill report 'independent'...



Anonymous said...

A week of work for 25K?
Houston we have a problem!

off-the-radar said...

Ross, always enjoy your blog. A daily must-read!

So much love your fishing metaphor for the MSM take up on the budget. Wow, that was so funny (and a brilliant meme).

Justine's comments were bang on.

Harder to hide stuff in this internet age.

RossK said...


Or $1,000 a page (and that includes the title page and the 3 line redaction statement on pg 2)


Thanks otr--

The fishing thing just popped into my head...I was going to go with 'Steno-Stars' (TM)...Maybe I'll use that one next time (tomorrow?)


Chris said...

Is it just me who resents this additional cost of doing regular government business? That we now have another bill to pay every time the government has to do something serious that governments do all the time -- and we need someone independent to assure us that they're actually lying a little less through their teeth than usual?

BC Rail, the budget...

As someone once said ... sheesh.

RossK said...


Not to be overly pedantic or anything, but....

You actually think this little $25K fishing derby is 'regular' government business?


North Van's Grumps said...

You need to check out Laila Yuile's Post from November 12, 2010 on: When is an “independent fairness advisor” …not?

Chris said...

Ha. No, I meant that a budget is regular government business. Right? Governments tend to pass them now and then.
So I'm not sure what word I can use to describe the fact we are now paying someone to come out and assure us in advance that the people about to pass that budget are, oh, semi-close to having actual facts in their grasp.
(Whether he has been bought and paid for is another issue, of course -- I'm just saying, um, seriously? we're now paying for someone to certify that the government budget can be tabled with a straight face?)
They're kidding us, right? They're freaking kidding us. The government has proven to be so full of liars and incompetents that we are hiring people to come out and say "right, but you know, this time you can believe them, dude, I've done the math.n"

RossK said...


What's worse is what the real 'saviour' revenue that we will learn about tomorrow (i.e. crown asset sales) was not even considered by this hired hired gun.

What's that all about?

Well, for starters...Let's consider a little matter known as 'Little Mountain'.

cfvua said...

What about the fairness advisor we are already paying? Meaning of course one J. Doyle. Proven record of being able to smell this BC liberal brand of excrement from quite a way off. Perhaps a bit too effectively for our own good. As far as any BC Liberal thinks anyway.

RossK said...


Good point.

Given that, perhaps, a la, Mr. Cobert, we should call the hired gun Rail and Budget folks 'Fairyness Advisors'?