Monday, February 04, 2013

Breaking...Is Auditor General John Doyle Gone?



According to the VT-C's Rob Shaw, via the Twittmobile, he is...


The cutting off at the two-year knees by the Snook's Wizards worked.

Good for them, eh?


Why didn't I link to Mr. Shaw's piece in the VT-C?...Well, I've hit that flexible paywall...The rubber is about to start hitting the proMedia wall...



Anonymous said...

Poof! He's headed to Oz in June...


Anonymous said...

What a sad day for British Columbians.

We will get a sycophant in there now. You can bet that the NDP don't want anyone probing too hard into what they will do in power, and the liberals won't want anyone looking back.

Suits both parties to a T.

And the people of BC are now so much poorer.

RossK said...



They pushed him out the door knowing he wouldn't want to stay if he was only allowed back into the vestibule.

Brilliant power-play that, eh?

Meanwhile, when it comes to actual governance, well...



Interesting comment.

I thought the NDP was pretty explicit in their support for having Mr. Doyle stay for a second full term.

In fact, they flat out stated

Given that, I'd like to hear the rationale for your 'both sides do it' stance on this one.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Doyle, first let me say thank you for the past years serving as our Auditor General. It is a big loss to this province and its’ citizens, that the current government would not negotiate another term in office for you as our Auditor General. (A little to late when they changed their minds.)

This province needs more “Mr. Doyle’s” in all departments, corporations, branches of the government to ensure that the people’s money is being spent wisely, and properly and what it is meant to pay.

Mr. Doyle, the citizens of this province request, before you leave for Down Under, the release of the report and documentation in regards to the 6 million dollar legal bill paid by the BC Government on the Basi/Virk case.

We believe you have probably have pretty well concluded the matter and would request that you release this report in the next 60 days, or at least in advance of the next provincial election.

Thank you.

A Concerned British Columbia Citizen

And if I may quote you:
“I’ve met some wonderful people but also met some people who don’t seem to understand accountability and transparency": John Doyle

Anonymous said...

This is Canada at it's worst corrupt evil, since Harper's dictatorship.

BC is at the most disgusting evil since, Campbell's reign of terror.

Anyone opposing the monster Harper and the monster, Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, all lose their jobs. Always have.

Now the Enbridge pipeline, is going to be forced into BC. F.N. say, they have run out of money for their court case against the Enbridge pipeline.

It's time for BC, to get out of Harper's Canada. BC will be overrun with Chinese. Nine mines and mine expansions are going into Northern BC. Those jobs are not for the BC people nor Canadians. Harper's Omnibull-S-Bill, gives Red China the right to sue any Canadians getting in China's way. China sued in BC, to take the mining jobs.

BC has to separate from Harper's Canada. I we don't BC will be, swallowed up by Red China.

scotty on Denman said...

Thanks to Mr Doyle fot taking it as far as he could.

I suspect there will be two kinds of auditors soon after the election: a General one and a Special one, the first to audit current accounts, the second to forensically audit the BC Liberal record.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross,

I'm 'Anon above', and here's why I said that both the NDs and Lieberals are happy that Doyle won't be around for another 6 years or even another 2 years.

You are asking why i think the NDs are happy to see Doyle go too? Two reasons.

One, I work in a field where I get to see how both the govt and opposition MLAs act, and react, to serious problems brought to their attention by constituents. To our great surprise the ND MLAs often refused to take any meaningful actions, sometimes not even responding to written requests. These were issues and concerns that would have brought the NDs much public support, but curiously, they sat on their hands. Once in a while they would respond, but only to send out the usual meaningless drivel of a letter written by some aide, Or worse, stand up in the media to "decry" the situation, but do absolutely nothing about it. This happened right across the province, not just with one or two MLAs. We finally came to realise that if the problem had anything to do with union operated organizations, including govt' union members it was useless to ask the NDs for assistance. To give credit where it's due, there are a couple ND MLAs who are the exception, but they don't run the party.

So the NDs really are just the same under their paper thin electioneering veneer. They don't support the people, only "their people". That's means we'll have more of the same power, greed, graft, just a different crowd of rulers and pals helping themselves to the silverware.

Second, the AG selection was a political fiasco that was played masterfully by the NDs. Of course they will stand up and proclaim their outrage and support publicly, even privately. Why wouldn't they? They know they can hide behind the numbers, saying 'we tried but were outnumbered but trust us, we would have kept him if we could.'

So that selection cttee gong show simply made it easy for the NDs to look like they are in favour of Doyle, when in reality, it costs them nothing to say that. This wasn't a test or anything telling about how the NDs will govern. It was simply an opportunity to look like they were on the side of good and right people like Mr. Doyle. The real test would have been if the NDs were the majority on the cttee, then their words could have been tested. Dix is just doing political posturing, making the most of the gift he was given by the lieberals who couldn't afford to have Doyle around either.

I've managed political campaigns in years past (another province), and this is just standard gamesmanship. An easy opportunity for the NDs to look good. The words? Words are only as good as the deeds. And, we'll soon get to see the proof in the pudding, won't we?

BC would be so much better off if we had a hefty proportion of independent MLAs. That would be the good way to keep the govt's feet to the fire. This see-sawing back and forth just perpetuates the corruption that BC's govt, bureaucracy and legal system is mired in.

We've got a couple great indie MLAs, Vicky Huntington and Bob Simpson, a couple others too. They actually represent, listen to and work for the people. And they deliver results. The rest of these clowns and their bloated sycophants should be sent out of town on a rail (oh, forgot - we don't have our own rail anymore...)

Sorry to take up so much space, but you asked, and I felt like delivering. All the best.

RossK said...

Thanks Anon--

I very much appreciate your delivering. And I also very much appreciate your being upfront about where you are coming from.

And, for the record, I have no issue with strong independents, especially the two you have mentioned.


Leaving aside your first point for the moment (which I'd be happy to hear more specifics about if you want to send me an Email if you like it's pacificgazette at yahoo dot the two letter suffix for canada), I cannot disagree that the post-committee aspect of this thing was well-played by the NDP. However, you aren't giving us anything solid to say that they were actually involved in the sabotaging of the AG.

So, based on that, it really seems unreasonable to me to go with the 'both sides are equally at fault' on this specific issue.

Thanks again - really do appreciate you taking to time.


kootcoot said...

"What a sad day for British Columbians."

Folks like Doyle, Kevin Page and the former head of Stats Can don't fare very well in the Ptomekin displaced persons camp that BC under the BC liaRs and Canada under Treason Steven Harper is rapidly becoming.

They and their plutocrat buds make the rest of us feel like displaced persons in what used to be our own country and province.

BTW, Doyle is going to a perhaps BETTER Victoria, where people actually vote, cause otherwise they pay a fine, unless they have a good reason not to participate.

I wouldn't mind going with him.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross, "Anon above" again.

I'm not ducking your invitation to provide more info. I very much appreciate it, but am swamped right now with cases, ones that the govt, the opposition and the media don't want the public to know about. I will send you some info about those - but not at the moment because several of them are at a "sensitive stage".

However, about not giving you "anything solid to say that they (the NDs) were actually involved in the sabotaging of the AG", well I didn't say they were, if by that you mean the ND members of the cttee voted against him. They didn't have to, they knew the Lieberals couldn't vote him back in for another 6 years, so the NDs just let nature take its course and knowing they'd be outvoted (but would get what they secretly wanted anyway - Doyle out of their hair).

But let me refer you to several other sources. To begin with Alex Tsakumis. When this story broke, AGT wrote that the NDs had kept quiet for months about the fact that the AG wasn't going to be renewed. He made the point that the NDs could have and should have raised a racket then, well before the job posting went out. That would have made it more likely that public opinion could have been mustered against the decision. I believe that supports my point that the NDs are pretty happy not to have Doyle around.

And, Vaughn Palmer stated the same thing in his column in today's Vancouver Sun:

"Nor will the Opposition be entirely crushed that Doyle is returning to home base in a huff, apparently a favourite mode of transportation.

"The New Democrats get to reap the political reward from the Liberals having driven out the independent financial watchdog. They can also take comfort that if they form the next government, Doyle won't be around to make their lives miserable."

RossK said...

Thanks Anon--

Sorry to have been so slow (missed your reply)

Fair enough on the fact that the Dippers on the committee didn't have to go that way.

Regarding AGT's conjecture...I think it is interesting to consider...However, could I not just as easily assert that the Dippers did not do so because they were concerned that barrels of ink would have been thrown at them after, say, Rich Coleman stood up and said that they were tampering with the super top-secret committee process...All I'm saying here is that, without Question Period I think it is hard to hang the Dippers' early silence on the matter around their necks.

Regarding Mr. Palmer's 'comment' in a recent column...If there is one thing I have learned reading the Dean's stuff over the years, it is that he is very careful not to say anything that might come back to bite him (sometimes, in my opinion, to a fault)....With that in mind,please not what he did NOT say about any and all NDP actions throughout the process.