Friday, February 22, 2013

This Day In Snookland....Why, Exactly, Did The Wizards Propose To Raise Taxes?


I must confess, like a number of folks, I was surprised when the BC Liberal budget of (soon-to-be?) interim supply phantom fantabulousness proposed to raise both personal and corporate income taxes.


You can argue that the actual increases are relatively inconsequential.



A 'free enterprise' government that proposes to raise taxes?

Didn't that mean that they were actually doing the Dippers' heavy lifting for them?



But then I thought - what if the Wizards are seeing something in their numbers that is telling them that raising taxes is actually, in real politik terms, a good thing (ie. something that people want)?

And if that was, indeed, the case, could this gambit not have been seen as a way to take away a point of  (non-conventional) strength from Adrian Dix et al., especially with centrish-type  'small l' liberals.

And then, yesterday, the Ipsos-Reid numbers came out.

And, well.....


Of course, on the flip-side, this strategy tells us that Wizards really do know that they they can't get any more points from folks that drifted over to the Curmudgeon and his ConFlock awhile back...Thing is...How many that came home when they destroyed the BCCP from within (and by smear) will now drift back because, well, you know....Taxes!
And as for principles...and free-enterprise...and all that?.....Well, you know....Cronies! 



Anonymous said...

The boys on NW have Started on how Dix won't give a budget and how they will run a deficit. As though anyone but them believes the lieberals budget will be balanced. With how badly run the Province has been for the last few years he won't have a choice. Liberal deficit GOOD, NDP deficit a criminal act. They have started their lieberal cheer and NDP smear campaign a little early. Guess they are desperate. Michael Smythe with Till at 20 to 8 was calling Dix a weasel and repeating it so people got the p[oint of his worthless Editorial. For the most part these supposed big 3 just seem to report the PAB pap and when they find a story its because some of those horrible bloggers found it first. However it wouldn't do to credit them with a job well done.

Anonymous said...

BCCP ~12% approval, Ipsos-Reid numbers against a modest tax hike ~12%

RossK said...

Thanks Anon-At-The-Top--

Keep an eye out for next post coming up the chain.



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