Friday, February 08, 2013

This Day In Snookland...JOBS...Who's (Not On) First!


Well, well, well....

The new StatsCan job numbers are out and British Columbia really hasn't done so well during the entire run of the Snooklandian Wizards' fake TeeVee News-Advertorial /Jobs Plan Blow-Out extravaganza over the last year...

So, in addition to the shedding of 16,000 jobs in the last month, please note the following...

From what I can tell, that 'Employment Rate' number for January 2012 to January 2013 of negative 0.6 is actually Number Seven in the country behind Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, PEI and Newfoundland.

The response from the Wizards of Snooklandia....

Well, apparently, things are looking really, really good in the 'regions'.

Or some such codswallop.

And...Can someone remind me...Just how much has that fake TeeVee News-Advertorial /Jobs Plan Blow-Out extravaganza from the Wizards cost us again?


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Lew said...

Most of the declines are concentrated in the Thompson Okanagan and the North Coast Nechako regions according to Bell. The big job losses last month came mostly in education services and manufacturing according to Statistics Scamada.

Must be a lot of empty schools and factories “up there”.