Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Healthy Hijinks Alternative...Lotusland Style.


We have readers who read our stuff...

And then they sometimes send us stuff (thanks C!)

But in the salad section?


Of course, if you believe the assorted and sundry reports none of this matters for the Snooklandian Caucus....Why?...Because, according to various folks named A. Source, they cannot be 'whipped'.



Anonymous said...

In my local supermarket here in France,they have baby food in the same aisle as chocolate bars, tinned fruit, jam, and jelly. As far as I can tell, spray whipped cream is the only option here. They don't sell cream with a high enough fat content to whip.

Maybe one day I will tell you of the twisted game of "where's the fresh milk been moved to today" the supermarket forces me to play far to frequently. Funny how they never move the UHT milk.



RossK said...


Little known fact...

C. actually caught us - there was fresh cream in the fridge while she was away...I wanted the shooters.

Only found out when she left an anonymous comment near the bottom of the original thread to that effect*

Personally, I am of the opinion that UHT milk is part of the black helicopter/condensed-sludge-in-a-tin conspiracy.

*A bit scary, actually, to realize that family members might actually be reading the junk you throw up on the internets.