Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Reader's Modest Proposal For The Kits Coast Guard Base.



Let's assume (pretend?) for a moment that the closing of the Kits Coast Guard station has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with lands, or claims, or trades, or bundles, or condos, or casino-industrial-complexes, or even Chip's new jetboat launchpad.


With that in mind, if it really is all about the safety (with no added cost)...

Why hasn't the closure and the reversion of the property to the province already triggered the following, as suggested by a reader recently?


Anonymous said...
There are a few non-profit marine rescue organizations in BC (ieNorth Shore Lifeboat Society).

The intact Kits station should be turned over by the province to the Ministry of Justice's Emergency Management BC branch to house a new lifeboat society base. Delete


You know...

Proof and pudding and all that.

And, of course, actual safety.



spartikus said...

The station has been demolished. As in, today.

RossK said...

Say what?!