Monday, February 18, 2013

John Slater's Blackberry...An Osoyoos Radio Station Names Names.


Well, one name actually.

What the heckfire am I talking about this time?


Usually whenever the proMedia talks about the leaking of Mr. Slater's messages, they only mention that it was a 'blogger' that received said leaks.

The radio station, 'EZ Rock 1240' (Hey! What do you is, after all, wine country for old men in early retirement condos) in a piece penned by Adam Graham has named said blogger, if only in an 'alleged' sort of way:

First they refused to back him in the provincial election, then they asked him to return to the caucus, and now the B.C. Liberals have reportedly leaked the personal communications of MLA John Slater.

Text messages from Slater's government Blackberry allegedly got back to political blogger Alex Tsakumis and now the Boundary-Smilkameen MLA claims he's pursuing all options available to hold those who leaked the personal info accountable. Slater is worried that private emails, phone calls and texts made to family and friends on his Blackberry could be made public....


Despite the slightly skewed, not to mention time-jumbled, nature of the cleverly inverted trapezoidal lede, we sure hope Mr. Graham wasn't expecting his Lotuslandian proMedia 'Club' membership in the mail anytime soon.



Lew said...

He's a bit late...

RossK said...

Thanks Lew.