Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All Quiet On The Great Coast Guard Base Swindle Front...


I'm pretty sure all concerned are thinking they've passed through the spokes of the spinning newscycle wheel pretty much unscathed*...

Because today there is, essentially, nothing in the public prints.

Official lines bought?

Evasions ignored?

Public bamboozlement complete?


In the meantime, Paul Sullivan had a take not dissimilar to ours in the Metro newsish-thingy yesterday, right down to the three dot trail usage:

So …

What’s going on here? Is there a secret land deal? Does Stephen Harper like Newfoundland better than Vancouver? Why is the H(arper) G(overnment) so adamant about saving $700,000 a year, when it thinks nothing of spending anywhere from $75-$150 million for a single fighter jet?

You could buy the entire fleet of coast guard Zodiacs for $150 million and still have enough left over to spend the $1 million needed to transport the prime minister’s bulletproof limo to India, a nation which apparently can’t be trusted to have sufficiently advanced bulletproof technology.

When there are too many explanations, there aren’t any. It is said you can tell a politician is lying when his or her lips move.

On this one, no one’s even stopping to take a breath.

*Except, perhaps,  for poor Wai Young.


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