Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Night's Alright For A Real Original


As I mentioned this time last week, C. went to Montreal to see our oldest kid, Bigger E.

Which meant that our other kid, littler e., and I were home-free enough to get into all manner of mischief (see above).


C. is home now and everything is pretty much back to normal.

Which, I guess, means that C. is upstairs with her friend D. working out the set they will perform tomorrow afternoon, here.

And the Whackadoodle is at my feet pining for the fjords and/or the beach tomorrow morning.

There are, of course, no kids anywhere to be found.

E. is all those kilometres away, apparently pondering the work of Al Purdy.

And e., after an entire day of tap dancing at various and assorted sundry schools around Lotusland, is off babysitting.

Which means that now is probably as good a time as any to let you in on a little family secret.

Which is that it was not C. or Bigger E , or even me, who first started writing original songs around here.

Instead it was e.

And when she did so she was much younger, and a whole lot littler, than she is now.

In fact, the first tune of note was played early on in our year of the 'Busking Project', 2010.

I actually put up a snippet of the song at the time, and I'm not entirely sure e. has ever forgiven me for the heavy editing.


For posterity, here it is, in all of it's glorious entirety.... e. was just 10 at the time...She will never be that age again...

Originals, from E. (and me too!), recorded during our UkeFolkFunkFest a few weeks ago, are soon to follow...
Back when our kids were both little we once went on a 17 day camping trip when, at least my recollection, all we ate was junk food....It came to be known as '17 Days of Bruten'....I have no recollection of where the heck the junk food monicker came from...Nor did I know that the proper way to write it was with one of those little two dot umlaut thingies over the 'u'...How do I know that this is the correct way to spell it?...Because Bigger E. wrote it out that way in an Email she sent to me earlier today....



Eleanor Gregory said...

Looks like between the shots of cream someone is playing a wild game of sudoku.

RossK said...

Ya, well....

It can't be all hijinks all the time on Family Day.

After all, what would the Premier say?