Saturday, February 23, 2013

Latenight With Busking...Frozen Fingers Edition


C. and littler e. went off with our friend K. to watch one of the Oscar movies tonight.

So it was just Rosie the Whackadoodle and me.

Which meant that we decided to take a big walk around Q & E park just as the sun was going down.

After that we hung around up top by the fountain and made a little music under the coloured lights.



Unlike Bigger E., I still sometimes have a tough time playing on my own.

And tonight was no exception.

Until two kids started dancing to my rendition of 'Send me on my way'.

Now that was something.

So, after that my dog and I just walked off into the night as I started to strum...


(and if you watched it right to the end...Ya, that was a young Lisa Hannigan making like Olivia Newton John during the denoument)

Bonus track For E...Another Donal Scannell find.


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