Friday, February 22, 2013

This Just In...New Candidate Rumoured To Be Running In False Creek!


It is important to note, however, that candidate ShamWow! Sullivan plans to use the original french spelling of his name (i.e. ChamoisWow!) to ensure that he comes just before 'SULLIVAN, Sam' on the ballot.

And while the Sham-Sam does not have a big bus, green or otherwise, apparently he (or is it a she?) does have a huge trailer filled with absorbent towel-thingies that he/she plans to drag around the riding to clean up the other Sam's various and assorted sundry messes.

Don't know if you heard it, but right before the 6 o'clock bell last night, Stephen Quinn let the real citizen Sam into his studio for about six minutes....When Sullivan babbled on about how he owed his nomination victory over Little Lord Lorne to all the 'kids' who worked for free on his campaign and got him  'all over the social media - facebook, twitter, you name it', Quinn replied that, unlike, say, Suzanne Anton, he hadn't received any Spam from Sam at all....In case you've forgotten, back when he used to work the civic beat it was Mr. Quinn who dubbed the Sullivan regime 'Spam-A-Lot'.
Would be remiss if I didn't mention that Ryan Clayton had the Shammin' Sammy idea up first on the Twittmachine yesterday.



Lew said...

A direct quote from BCChristy (aka Today’s Christy):

“It says a lot about Sam’s character that he would want to run with me”.


RossK said...

Say what?

No quote from Today's Christy yet about Mr/Ms. ChamWow's character!?

Maybe Jeff O'Neil can get her to do a quick hit on the Fox.