Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rumour Has It He Can Be Found Behind A False Wall...

...At The Back Of New Barn #301 At The Old Track Off Renfrew.

"A British academic has stumbled upon a 500-year-old "most wanted" notice for the arrest of Niccolo Machiavelli, the infamous Renaissance political operator who wrote The Prince..."

'Tis actually a very cool story (the story of the arrest note, I mean).

And you can read all about it in the Sunday Papers.

Nick Squires has it in today's

While you read it, you can listen to Mr. Jackson sing about said sabbath day
Image at the top of post from the Vancouver Archives... but it can also be found in a great book by Michael Kluckner called 'Vanishing British Columbia'.



Anonymous said...


is this the most telling image of the upcoming election?

Anonymous said...

O0opz - source for image

RossK said...


Good call.

There is the flipside, of course.

Which is that the Dippers have actually inserted Mr. Dix's monicker into their logo recently.