Thursday, February 14, 2013

Latenight In Snookland....Just Who Is This 'A. Source' Anyway?


Early today, it was 'a source' from Snookland that spoke to The Province's Cassidy Olivier about a potential revolt brewing.

Then, later, the no-longer-so-giant 98's Sean Leslie had this:

Premier Christy Clark is denying reports of a brewing battle within the Liberal caucus over her throne speech and her leadership.

A source tells CKNW the Liberal caucus is in chaos, with some members angry over what they see as an empty throne speech that had some of them falling asleep.

There's talk of voting against the Liberals' own budget, of infighting between those who are in solidarity with the Premier and those who want to speak their mind.

Same source, different organs?

Different source, same intent?

Who knows for sure.

One thing is clear however....

Which is that the wurtlitzer sure cranked itself up, bigtime, today.

Heckfire, even the normally hands-offish Mr. Stephen Smart of the (the self-admitted) conflictier MoCo got into the act.

And then there was....

The TeeVee...


1 comment:

Grant G said...

Well Ross K..

Christy Clark gets shanked by the Conservative flank of own party..

Yes indeed, Adrian Dix will not form Government without a mandate from the people, a public vote..

There will be no vote on the entire budget, but, do they not have to vote on interim supply?

Cassidy Oliver, his BC Liberal source claims MLAs have been yelling and screaming at caucus meetings...

And as for having members in the House on a voting day matters not, for when the bell tolls for thee, when they are asked to stand in support, or asked to stand to vote against, that`s when the rubber hits the road, Blair Leckstrom is a question mark..So is Kevin Falcon, for if Christy wasn`t leader Kevvy would be..

John Les and Randy Hawes are wild cards..Both detest Christy Clark`s leadership..

Murray Coell, he too is thinking about betrayal..

All the above mentioned want a new leader, the sooner the better..

Yes indeed, all is not well in Mudville!

Who knew the inside sources would be so yappy..