Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dipper Livestream Goes Down...Ron Obvious Has Hissyfit.



That's right...Adrian Dix gave a speech today, and the room was filled to bursting with real live people.

Rumour has it that the intertubes' pipes were filled to bursting as well, with people that wanted to get online and see what was happening.

Regardless, the stream crashed.

Which led to said hissyfit:

Meanwhile, the fact that Mr. Dix stood afterwards and took reporters questions while Ms. Clark, just yesterday, ran away from same after her speech is pretty much ignored.


You know, this kind of codswallop (K. Baldrey got in on the act too)  sure does remind me of what happened back in 2009 when Mr. Campbell successfully got away with pretending to be the 'environment' candidate against Ms. James, which was greatly aided, at least in the Press-Gang's mind, by.....This.



Eleanor Gregory said...

I found out about the techno problems after I got home, having attended the live event. The ballroom where Adrian Dix gave his speech was jammed packed with people trying to squeeze in all through the speech. The area outside the doors was jammed as well. Always an engaging speaker Mr. Dix!

Hugh said...


Putting BC Hydro on the hook for $54 billion to buy power from IPPs that it doesn't need, and can't sell: that's incompetent.

e.a.f. said...

incompetent is not being able to keep hospitals clean, children feed, figuring out paying 10% intrest is more than paying 3% interest, and selling a profit making B.C. Rail.

So there were tech problems. who cares. the lieberals have the largest deficient in B.C. history. If the NDP fixes some of the problems I don't care how bad their sound system fails. I'm not voting on best sounds system, that was tonight's oscars. I want best services for children and disabled in B.C.

Chris said...

Whoa. Hell hath no fury like a couple of journos who plan to cover an event by live feed instead of hauling their arses out to the scene on a Sunday afternoon .... and got caught short.

motorcycleguy said...

I'm with Hugh. I went there to make sure the NDP agree. If a reporter actually wanted to report they would find a way of getting there...I did...had to walk a couple of blocks....didn't need a whole lot of technology to do that..but it did mean getting off my a##. I don't agree with everthing they say, but I know it was important enough for me to make an effort to speak in person with some of them....because I care about what is happening to our province. If a lowly machinist can get a chance to speak with some of their team leaders, surely an accomplished professional journalist can. Techno schmechno, get the lead out...literally.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, is it just me or do I have a different version of history when it comes to the environment and the Campbell Carbon Tax? I seem to recall the debate over this tax as being not effective due to it being revenue neutral versus actually putting money into transit and retrofits. The NDP just wanted to have this tax to be effective. The Libs and the Greens were happy to have it there in name only. Both didn't care if if actually accomplished anything, the Greens happy to just tax something evil and the Libs happy to put it to reduce taxes to the Corps and wealthy classes. Either one, it has not done lived up to its' name sake.