Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Latenight In Snookland...Riding The Dump And Smear Boomerang


The Twittmachine went bonkers earlier this evening with reports from various and assorted sundry proMedia types indicating that current BC Liberal backbencher John Slater, who was recently the victim of a viscious 'Dump and Smear' at the hands of said political party's Wizardry, is saying he won't support the budget.

Hmmm...With Slater many more would it take to bring down Snooklandian even earlier than planned?

Interestingly,  a couple of tweets (here and here), from Cassidy Olivier of The Province, indicate that Mr. Slater is most upset with the leaking of what he considers to have been 'personal messages' to a certain blogger who we can only assume might be the fine fellow whom some, we have been told, believe is 'BC's Best'.....(blogger I mean)....



Anonymous said...

Let's go folks...anymore brave liberals....with a real interest in ensuring the gong show will end quickly?
Come on now...ante up step forward and give us taxpayers a reprieve. End our collective nightmare....please!

Grant G said...

Yes indeed, as you know Ross K..I suspected and was convinced another now independent was leaking to BC Liberal caucus information AGT..

It appears that leaking is still going on.

However, if as Mr Slater implies, the leaking of his personal information is coming from the BC Liberals themselves...

Then one must ask the really big question..

AGT has been running hard at taking Christy Clark out..

If a BC Liberal(s)..(some, a faction, the right, the left of the party) are leaking to AGT, leaking BC Liberal dirt, thus hurting the party..

Then one must assume, purely through logic that behind the scenes there are factions within the BC Liberal party sabotaging Christy Clark..

Who is helping who?

There are those out in the bloggosphere who claim the NDP vote is soft and simply changing leaders to a star, like Dianne Watts would turn the electorate..

Ross, in that Province story AGT confirms he no longer has John Slaters personal text stream, but he`s apparently refusing to divulge who leaked them..

The reason this is important, was the leak designed to help or hurt John Slater, if it was designed to hurt and leaked by say a BC Liberal MLA caucus member or a CA assistant..

Then the question arises, who is helping who, or in this case, who is harming who, and for what reason..

As I wrote, JVD only had issue with C Clark, not Campbell or his deeds..

Someone behind the curtain is pulling all the levers..


Grant G said...

How many more, about 3 more MLAs to turn left and a confidence vote brings down the Government..

And hear me out, a new leader in Christy Clark, flopping badly in the polls, even after carper-bombing advertising, for if Christy Clark was to lose a confidence vote and bring down the Government clearly she too would have to resign as a failed leader, one without caucus confidence, and then..

A leadership race just before an election, or perhaps even, a postponed election.

Grant G said...

And even Vaughn Palmer wrote about the ruling Government be very wary of losing votes or losing legislation in the house, those pesky rogues and MLAs who aren`t running again..

Anonymous said...

Who has not six years?

Ed Seedhouse said...

There won't be a vote on the budget, there will be a "continuing supply" vote, which the Liberal caucus will have to support.

It's possible there will be no actual budget read in the legislature,but I don't expect that.

Lew said...

"JVD only had issue with C Clark, not Campbell or his deeds.."

Items 33(b) and 33(k)ii of JVD's April 22, 2012 court affidavit in particular seem to be at odds with that statement...

Grant G said...

John Slate, today on radio claims, I`m paraphrasing here

John Slater--(Christy Clark called me, she asked me to support the budget and also to help other BC Liberal MLAs get elected)..He went on to say..(I have pride and many local supporters, I was quite insulted)

Now, that literally confirms that Christy Clark is indeed terrified that certain BC Liberal MLAs are prepared to bring down the Government, thus forcing Christy Clark to resign, thus forcing a leadership contest..

My suggestion to the NDP is...

Don`t bite, don`t bring down the Government, if a few traitors within the Liberal play that game, play your own game, have a few NDP members(1..2..3...MLAs abstain from voting)

This is not an opposition betrayal(abstaining), because, as stated above if, if Christy Clark can`t hold her Government together, has no caucus confidence, the result will be another BC Leadership contest, rsulting in a delay to our May 14th election..

Look, I said it before, I`ll say it again, Christy Clark can`t win, there are those BC Liberals who will stop at nothing to remove Christy Clark and stop at nothing to postpone the election..

These Liberals have nothing to lose, they have already lost, if there was an election tomorrow the NDP would win in a slam-dunk..

With that knowledge at hand, BC Liberals have nothing to lose and only opportunity to gain by canceling the election and or delaying for a new leadership contest.


Scotty on Denman said...

There is ample time for a BC Liberal leadership convention. I understand why the NDP would want to avoid this but I'm not sure the LG would necessarily allow the fixed-date law to be waived to facilitate it because there is no guarantee the leadership result would be a parliamentary majority. What is the shortest leadership convention period anyway? Three weeks? (I know Ignatieff's was ultimately instantaneous because he was crowned by Liberal party cadres---but that cost him big time.)

Ed Seedhouse said...

If only a minority of the legislature voted for her in a confidence motion, she would likely be compelled to resign anyway. By the Party if not her own morality. She could go to the LG and ask for dissolution, and if she refused to do so (which she should) the LG by convention would have to offer Mr. Dix a chance to form a government, which he would likely decline.

Frankly I doubt the budget will be put to a vote in the first place. The rebels will have to defeat her over the throne speech, which must get a vote.

RossK said...

Thanks Ed.