Friday, February 15, 2013

A Shill Is A Shill Is A....

...Paid Blogger?

Bob Mackin has the story in BIV:

Marketers of the in-receivership Olympic Village are paying the editor of well-known local culture webzine '' to blog about the joys of life in the village – but it does not say on the website that he is being paid to do so.

Rennie Marketing Systems awarded the deal after receiving a single pitch from editor Bob Kronbauer...

In my opinion, the most interesting aspect of this story is the way Mr. Kronbauer justifies this as just one more 'awesome' aspect of what he does and where he lives while he simultaneously professes to not understand the larger issues of the 'The Village' as they actually pertain to all of Vancouver's (presumably 'awesome') citizens:

...“I was visiting the Village a lot as a resident of Mount Pleasant before we moved in and fell in love with it and wanted to share the stories of all the positive things that make it great,” Kronbauer said.

“Beyond the budget and all this stuff I really have no idea about as an average citizen, (I wanted) to sort of expose stories about what it's like to actually live there.”...

But here's the thing....

How, exactly, do readers know what Mr. Kronbauer thinks is really awesome and what he (ie. Mr. Kronbauer) thinks Mr. Rennie will think (is awesomer) to ensure that the cheques keep rolling in?



Grant G said...

Deception and guile is the new business normal..

Real estate in the GVRD is in deep trouble, Bob Rennie is still trying to flog over-priced shoddy Olympic village dorms..

And another well known real estate agency had to publicly apologize to customers and the general public for running fake ads,..

This company ran ads portraying Chinese people talking about how they snapped up Vancouver condos while here on a Chinese New Years holiday!..

Only one problem, the chinese portrayed in the real estate agency`s ads were actually...Drum-roll please...The Chinese buyers in the ads were actually..

Employees of the real estate company, who`s zooming who?


Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I stopped reading

Its was a good site, but he accepts $$ for story placements (which is fine) and doesn't label them (which is not fine).