Sunday, February 03, 2013

When Digital Met Dead Tree...Over The Accordion Sea


Yesterday, after doing a whole lot of Googleplex-assisted nugget extraction, I purposefully laid off my favourite live version of the Felice Brothers' ramble-fest called 'Frankie's Gun'.

Which meant I had to do even more searching (had to?) through the You-Tubes to find something else to fit the bill.

Why did I bother to do this?

Well, quite awhile back I posted-up the version of Frankies' Gun in question and I didn't want the two readers out there who might remember to think that I was cribbing from myself.

So I embedded a great recent version of 'Lincoln Continental' instead.

And when I came out of the tissue culture room a few hours later there was a comment from rural New York state pointing me towards, you guessed it...

My favourite live version of Frankie's Gun.

Did I mention that the Felice Brothers are from rural New York?

But never mind all that, because the real weirdness came to the thread a couple of hours later when Paul Willcocks' checked in from Honduras to say that he had just been playing Frankie's Gun with his partner Jody Paterson before she went off out into the non-rural New York, non-foggy Lotuslandian afternoon sun to play her accordion for the people.

Which was all just a little too much digitally-interconnected for me.


Well, because, ironically, and I know Paul is going to love this....

The thing that triggered this entire weekend flirtation with the brothers Felice was most-decidedly non-digital.

You see, on Friday afternoons, before I go home, I still go out and buy the dead-tree version of the New York Times.

And I pay the full penalty ($4.48).

I'm really not sure why.

Maybe it has something to do with liking the whole experience of flipping through the paper and not knowing what I'll find on the next page.

But I actually think it's something else.

Which is that, when I read it in the paper, all the stuff that is happening in New York still seems far away and exotic like it did when I was a kid.

Which is exactly how it felt when I read the following in a little box deep in the back of this past Friday's Arts section:

Here's 'Frankie's Gun' (accordion included) just so you can know what all the fuss is really about...



Scotty on Denman said...

Nice old Guild electric there, one single-coil pick up, capo-ed mid neck, played like it's the other washboard in the band just so's you can hear it over that chunk of corrugated sheet metal buddy's stomping on the floor.

RossK said...


Ian Felice on that thing.... Always looks like he's going to be blown to the wind at any second...And, perhaps worse, has that Dylan millstone hung around his neck...But who cares...Always killer just about every time.

Including when he's all on his own, sans washboard, etc....


scotty on Denman said...

...nice, Man.