Monday, February 18, 2013

This Day In Snookland...Is Somebody Choking On All The Pretzel Logic?


I dunno what's up, or even where this actually happened (at the Quilchena Nomination Mtg perhaps?), but Sun News Stringer Richard Zussman has been on the Twittmachine saying that Ms. Clark was spouting all kinds of incoherents again yesterday...


Do you reckon the mandateless (not)Premier thought she was speaking to another young, hep shock jock?

Of course, I suppose it is not entirely outside the realm of all that is not possibly implausible that Ms. Clark could soon be working with young Mr. Zussman covering the upcoming provincial election as the new Westcoast Sun News anchor.

Or some such thing.

Meanwhile, Colin Hansen (i.e. he who will soon be gone because he had absolutely nothing whatsoever with the HST) was laughable on the Cluffmasterflashless MoCo radio show this morning when he claimed that Mr. de Jong's projections and stuff will be credible...Ya, sure thing Mr. H...Just like Cookie Dough Mike's stuff from last year, right?....Or may you were thinking of your own bogus pre-election projections in 2009...
For what it's worth....I very much agree with Rafe's latest missive.



karen said...

I agree with Rafe too. I have almost always voted NDP, but I can't do it if they won't make some serious environmental commitments. I don't think I have a green candidate.

RossK said...


My agreement is based more on the real politick....I am concerned that the Dippers think that the best strategy is to play it safe because they are in the lead...I don't want them to go into smear mode, but I do want them to really fight and demonstrate to people the truly important policy differences between the NDP and the BCL...Why do I think this is important?...For all kinds of reasons, including giving folks a clear choice and making it possible to actually make it clear where the two party's agree which I think is critical for expectations and mandates and such.